Rental Makeover

This rental house had been lived in for ten years with no real maintenance. Dilantin without a prescription They had pets...When they finally moved out the owner had a real mess on their hands. That is where we came in. We did a complete over haul on this property. From refinishing floors to vinyl siding to a new kitchen, this one had it all. It is the perfect remodel for a family on a budget.

More Room for the Kids

This family had some attic space that was finished, but it was not quite getting the job done for all three daughters. They wanted some more light and a nice place to sit and read. The answer? Two new dormers and some structural modifications latter and we end up here.

Roofing Projects

Like we said, we install a LOT of roofs. Here are a few photos that we think you may like. Sit back and enjoy the view.